The Puzzle

Maybe I feel better when I feel sad, miserable, and useless.

I recall being made to believe this as truth.

So I could have been brainwashed into reliving the nightmare scenario.

Where I always end up on the losing side, but if so then why do I try to fight 

Inside me is the knowledge that this way of life is not right. Confused with only an idea of an answer

My tormentors worked their evil well, and left me stuck in an invisible spell. Right or wrong a daily grind

One day a  blanket of snow will ease my frustration of never being able to live contently. My mixed up emotion will quietly 

Fade like a beautiful dream from which you never awake. Until such a day I will continue to strive for the key to my puzzle

Life shouldn’t be a continual struggle of mind over matter on an hourly basis but an inner contentment in a desert oasis.


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