Just a while ago i was high and saw a pen and pad so began to fuck around and this is what i wrote down,

yo when i start my flow boy u betta know i’m the greatest mc the motherfuckin city

i’m raw like cain when i hit u i go strait to ur brain, ur flow cant match mine

your shit is only sometime, i’m a genius somethin like Ali in his prime

an if u try to take mine i’ll leave u lyin in the ring cos bitch it aint athing

i make your whole body sing, like la la la, my stuff flies far into the universe

into space and time my lines cause crime

and like fine wine i get betta with age so if u wanna fuck with me betta know i gotta guage

thats my word, ya heard.

Nigga i perform like an oscar winning actor, just gettin warm and you know i might blast  ya leave u bewildered and bemused this hers my truth, i reach the youth give them jewels of positivity so they can stand strong in this time of negativity, my poetryis tight like vagina test me an homey i will find ya, blind ya with science, split your brain like an atom

leave u crying to your momma amma

soldier to the core, veteran of many wars. Like a general thats aleader of the army

while your shits corny. Like julius Caesar i came i  saw and i conquered i will bleed ya like a lamb to the slaughter have u beggin for water like u hot in the sahara got u dancin like Ciarra- bitch.

i’m so hard – i gotta bark full of iron like Tony Stark, boy i own the dark u stuck in the light like poltergheist i’m cold like ice freeze u with a glance then stick u with a lance so u in the ER bleeding badly i’m smooth like Clooney damn u thought u knew me? When u look c thru me fantastic four i’m invisible on point every syllable blends nice like a mixer

just call me the fixer or rhymer impossible Dynamo u betta know the magic aint shit but a word ya heard.

Comin from another dimension like Captain Kirk in the Enterprise

all you hear are the cries of the fools left in limbo i laugh as i cruise away in a limo

sippin Remy as the wind blows thru the clouds in the sky like an eagle my mind flies high

on currents of air i know it aint fair how i rep my hood so good till i die tho i aint done yet you can bet thatmy shit lives on thru the lyrics to my song LIFE I’M OUT


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